Specialists in technology and computer forensics

Teamwerks offers a wide range of technology consulting services in computer forensics and provides expertise to help protect and defend your business.

In addition to our full range of computer forensics capabilities, we offer project management, training, end-user support and documentation.  We serve corporations, law firms, and the public sector.

 We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality solutions. Contact us to learn more.​​

Teamwerks is a certified MBE/WBE for the State of Illinois, Cook County and the City of Chicago.

Leader in Computer Forensics and Expert Witness Testimony

Teamwerks experienced professionals can perform computer and network forensic analysis services that provide our clients with information, hard evidence required to resolve problems and disputes.  Our professionals have a thorough knowledge of networks, operating systems and hard drive architecture.  We can determine specific electronic usage; recover data and electronic evidence, such as deleted files, reformatted disks, and servers.

In most cases we can recover data that has been "destroyed" or concealed. Our analysis can reconstruct the activities of the computer user to retrieve the data and interpret as much information as possible.  Even with bits of data fragments, it is possible to show wrongdoing with a trail of evidence on electronic calendars, email and other applications.  This comprehensive forensic analysis is critical to the success of a case.  

Our experienced forensic professionals follow the rules of evidence in gathering and recovering information.  Our non-invasive search procedures utilize the most advanced computer forensic tools to allow us to conduct a proper search and analysis of any computer system while ensuring the authenticity of relevant evidence all preserved with a concise, documented chain of custody. 

Cases involving trade secrets, commercial disputes, employment discrimination, misdemeanor or felony crimes, and personal injury can be won or lost solely with the introduction of recovered email messages and other electronic files and records.  Encrypted files can be accessed using customized software and supercomputers.  Our tools and processes are extensive and tested.

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, the need for e-Security is a vital concern to all businesses.  The market for intrusion detection systems (IDS) is rapidly growing as companies seek to protect against fraud, business interruption or conspiracy from both external and internal sources. 

Our certified forensic professionals are recognized leaders in the computer forensics field based on their high level skills and knowledge gained through experience and training.

Key Areas of Support

Our focus is computer forensics.  When a data breach, internal fraud occurs in your organization, Teamwerks can investigate infractions with complete  discretion.  These infractions can stem from employee misconduct, computer crime, and other fraudulent activities. All digital evidence can be explored from servers, computers, cell phones, social media sites, external storage devices, and other data repositories. We keep all our investigations, data, findings and relationships confidential.  We will preserve all of your data and provide chain of custody in preparation for any potential litigation matter.  We can support your counsel when engaged in litigation and conduct e-discovery, analyze the data fingerprints and reconstruct the facts and provide reports and present evidence and expert witness testimony.   Our work is extensive and we can support a legal team at any stage of litigation and/or provide corporations with evidence and analysis on any suspected data compromise.

 ​Range of forensics litigation support services
Teamwerks forensic team have extensive experience providing litigation support.

  1. We follow a strict chain-of-custody protocol in the data collection process.  We preserve digital evidence during our on-site investigation so that evidence is not tampered and admissible in a court of law.  We will identify if contamination by other parties has occurred.  We handle evidence in accordance with case law using forensically sound methodologies and procedures.
  2. Expert testimony and reporting by our forensic experts regarding our own findings and forensic analysis. We can also provide expert testimony on the quality, reliability of collection and analyses by other parties.
  3. Data collection from a variety of sources including: servers, networks, computers, external drives, tablets, cell phones

We have considerable expert testimony experience in presenting findings in Federal and civil litigation cases representing clients in both private and public service sectors.  We use advanced forensics tools and have the experience to interpret and analyze the data.  ​

Detection and Prevention
We can also assist with the services to help recover “destroyed” data, perform network security and vulnerability assessments, systems penetration, and review/design security policies.

Community Involvement

The Teamwerks charter encourages community involvement at the corporate level and encourages each member of the staff to participate in community enrichment projects. Accordingly, consultants have been involved in community projects and have guided the policy issues as well as technology issues in the public sector.  Though our professional and pro bono work, Teamwerks has developed an understanding of the unique problems faced by nonprofit organizations and created unique technology solutions to assist them in the important work they do. 

The TW Charitable Foundation supports nonprofit organizations and groups that are responsive to the needs of children, women, education and community.  Through the Foundation’s donations, organizations continue their community outreach to improve the lives of children and women to make a lasting, significant and positive impact on their lives.